2012 Festival Films


2 min  |  Short
Thunder Bay
Director: Ryan La Via

Why a roommate should always sleep with a closed mouth. Explained succinctly.

Love and Hate

20 min  |  Drama
Thunder Bay
Director: Piotr Skowronski

True love. Can one do without it? The passengers at a train station believe they can but one young man isn’t so sure. As the possibility of escape becomes real, the individuals must choose between love and hate.


17 min  | Drama
Thunder Bay
Director: Curtis Jensen

A psychological film noir set in the 1940’s exploring a tragic and inflammatory romance between a young man and an abused housewife.


5 min  |  Short  |  Thunder Bay
Director: Nancy Shaw

In the midst of a date, a couple’s extreme vanity exceeds their interest in each other leading to hilarious confusion in the bedroom.

Silent Invaders

8 min  |  Short  |  Thunder Bay
Director: Dianne Brothers

A small town must deal with an unimaginable invasion.


80 Minutes  | Feature Comedy  |  Finland
Director : Ville Jankeri

A day in the life of three happy-go-lucky unemployed 30 year-old guys in Helsinki, Finland. Starring Thunder Bay favourite, Jussi Nikkilä.

Return to Manomin

67 min  | Documentary  |  Thunder Bay
Director: Michelle Derosier

Realizing they are only a few years away from the complete loss of an ancient tradition, four generations struggle to return to their wild rice lake and reestablish planting.

Ping Pong

76 min  |  Documentary  |  United Kingdom
Director: Hugh Hartford

Pensioners from around the world make their way to Inner Mongolia to compete in the over 80’s World Table Tennis Championships. A true story of the power of the human spirit with funny, moving and inspiring stories of battling it out on the table.

Lady Olivia

5 min  | Short  |  Thunder Bay
Director: Sarah Furlotte

Over dramatic about her age and lost loves, Olivia claims that her 28th birthday will be her last. Can she come to terms with the reality of her life?

Save the Drama

73 min  |  Documentary  |  Thunder Bay
Director: Kirsten Kosloski

The transformative power of the arts is explored as the Sir Winston Churchill High School Drama Club prepares for their final project of the year.


8 min  |  Short  |  Iran
Director: Mehdi Aghajani

A dog loses its owner and begins to face cruelty from people.

The Acute Man

110 min  |  Documentary  |  Norway
Director: Knut Erik Jensen

From trout fishing in Norway, through a hectic schedule at the University Hospital of Tromso to the bomb rain in Gaza in 2009. For nearly 40 years, Mads Gilbert, the Gaza Doctor, has been fighting to save lives and create a better world.

Dman Project

44 min  |  Documentary  |  Thunder Bay
Director: Damien (Dman) Gilbert

The film follows director, videographer and comedian, Dman and his friends as action sports, stunts and pranks become the framework for something much deeper. Or not! Strong language, viewer discretion advised.



Spaghetti for Two

19 min  | Short  |  Germany
Director: Matthias Rosenberger

A seemingly ordinary day becomes a significant turning point for an unremarkable man, thanks to a minimal shift of fate.



9 min



Director: Manuel Azuela

A prisoner submerges in his imagination to try to escape from a toy factory in the sky.

Things My Father Never Taught Me

7 min



Director: Burleigh Smith

Melvin gives useless dating advice to his three-year-old son. After a clumsy romantic advance with an attractive woman, he’s forced to reconsider his role as romance expert.


16 min



Director: Ainhoa Menendez

In an idyllic village, the inhabitants raise hens, knead bread, tend to their crops and guard a dark secret.


6 min



Director: Juan Pablo Zeramella

In a world controlled and timed by light, and ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

The Bench

5 min



Director: Gabriel Ash

One sunny day, a man takes a break. Unfortunately, it isn’t easy. A fable with a surprise ending.

The Little Team

9 min



Director: Roger Gomez & Dani Resines

14 kids try to find the key to an unsolved football mystery and end up teaching an unexpected life lesson to grown-ups.

Saturday, Sept 8, 314 Bay St, 3 p.m.

Rubens of the North

16 min



Director: Erkki Maattanen

Swamps, housewives, and seamed nylon stockings inspire award-winning Finnish sculptor, Kari Tykkyläinen’s video art. He uses YouTube as a platform for over 1,500 videos that have gained him a cult following.

Salla Selling the Silence

70 min



Director: Markku Tuurna

The rise and fall of a family of entrepreneurs from Salla, Lapland is explored alongside changes in societal values. The journey is surprising, sad, and absurd in a black Finnish way.

Saturday, Sept 8, 314 Bay St, 5 p.m.


7 min



Director: J. Enrique Sanchez

He only needed one photo. A good one.

Photogramme 451

5 min



Director: Benoit Jb. Reid

A representation of cinema: still images flipped at a certain speed. With this action, the world we live in becomes unreal, obsolete. Our reality becomes something else.

Maud Mary and the Titanic

7 min



Director: Geraldine Carr

A British widow with three young children purchases tickets for the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic in 1912. They miss the boat. Sometimes being late can be a blessing in disguise.

Donner du Temps au Temps

52 min



Director: Sebastien Brochot

Questions about time answered by a shepherd, 6-year-old twins, a 95 year-old, a martial arts master, a nanophysicist, a novelist, a neurologist, two teens, an archaeological restorer, a mother, a fireman, a journalist, a midwife, a writer, a singer, a corporate executive and a personal coach.

Saturday, Sept 8, 314 Bay St, 7 p.m.

Start with Us

45 min



Director: Jake Chirico

Introducing a generation of young Africans determined to be the first free of AIDS.

Brother Time

56 min



Wesley Shrum

A mythic tale of neighbors from different tribes caught in a wider conflict. Kenya erupted in ethnic violence after the 2007 presidential election, and the two friends fell apart when, suddenly, it was ‘not the brother time.’

Saturday, Sept 8, 314 Bay St, 9 p.m.

Night Witches

60 min



Director: Gunilla Bresky

Archival film footage, vintage photographs, and candid interviews offer a detailed look at the experiences of the only all-female WWII fighter pilot regiment.

Canary in the Mine

34 min



Director: Danielle Heifa

An exploration of the personal and political ramifications of one of Canada’s most controversial industries: the mining and exportation of chrysotile asbestos.

Sunday, Sept 9, 314 Bay St, 1 p.m.

Good Men

12 min



Director: Brian Connors

Two elderly Jewish men get into a serious argument over the controversial circumstances surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Ying and Summer

12 min



Director: Gladys Ng

Overcoming loneliness in Melbourne, a bright-eyed young immigrant yearns for companionship. She finds poignant possibilities and crosses the boundaries of culture and modern existence.

Opening the Door

23 min



Director: Donald Delorme

A collaboration between the arts and mental health services that shows how creative expression helps people to reclaim their sense of self-esteem, confidence and hope.

My Angel My Hero

19 min



Director: Faizan Sheikh

A former investment banker finds his destination when he meets a street dancing kid who’s suffering from Parkinson’s Disease.

Sunday, Sept 9, 314 Bay St, 3 p.m.

Awaken the Dragon

87 min



Director: Liz Oakley

An ancient sport catapults an unlikely crew of cancer survivors into a new way of being. By redefining illness and re-framing the meaning of their diagnosis, these fractured individuals transform into a single force of power and beauty.

Sunday, Sept 9, 314 Bay St, 5 p.m.

Strings Across the Sky

38 min



Director: Pirkko Karvonen

A moving tribute to the career of Andrea Hansen and her remarkable contribution to revitalizing traditional fiddle music for the youth in communities of the High Arctic.

Throat Song

17 min



Director: Miranda de Pencier

A young Inuit woman seeks to reclaim her voice when she’s lost in a community that’s been tragically separated from its past.

Eulogy at the White House

16 min



Director: Jon Kapashesit

Maggie, a journalist, returns to a small remote native community for her father’s funeral. In the sleepless nights that follow, she struggles to find a connection to a man she barely knew and to find a way to relate to her family and her father.


Director: Qajaaq Ellsworth

4 Min



A northern story from a northern perspective without interviews or narration. Made in the NFB’s “Stories From Our Land: Stories Without Word” program for Nunavut filmmakers.

Northern Mystery

Director: Jason Hunter

8 Min


Thunder Bay, Canada

Ashamed of his culture, a young man faces discrimination. After enduring enough, he goes for a walk and encounters a terrifying specter straight out of the legends of his culture.

Sunday, Sept 9, 314 Bay St, 7 p.m.


3 min



Director: Hamideh Razavi

The scheherzade of our time.

And We Pass By

3 min



Director: Parisa Gorgin

And we pass by each other, with indifference.

The Beard

6 min



Director: Yaz Rabadi

A day in the life of an elderly Sikh who’s been victimized as a result of his race, and how he chooses to deal with his circumstances in the aftermath of the event.

The Missing Looks

11 min



Director: Damian Dionisio

In 1976 Argentina, Claudio hides with his family because of his political ideals. When they’re discovered by the military, Teresa shelters her daughter in a fantasy world to avoid impending horrors.

Wolf Call

13 min



Director: Rob Underhill

When a missing boy is found in a Mississippi river in 1956, a journalist from Look magazine sits down with the two men acquitted of the boy’s murder to discuss the trial.

Hard Time

40 min


Thunder Bay

Director: Ronald Harpelle

Robert King spent 29 years in solitary confinement for a crime he didn’t commit. An exploration of King’s life, from the poverty in rural Louisiana, through the state corrections system, to becoming an activist who’s devoted his life to the plight of political prisoners in the United States.

Sunday, Sept 9, 314 Bay St, 9 p.m.

 Who was Sylvia

8 min


Thunder Bay

Director: Kelly Saxberg

Modern day pioneers, Hubert and Jacomyn find the abandoned house of a Finnish pioneer woman and try to piece together who she was through the letters they find. Flash Frame Film and Video Network’s 3rd International Doc Challenge submission.

Battle for the City

76 min



Director: Maarit Mononen

Turku is the oldest city in Finland dating back to the end of the 13th century. Many of its distinguished buildings were destroyed to give way to development. The film questions who has rights to the built environment and who makes the decisions.



  1. Can someone come by CBC to give us the highlights of this line-up this week? Sooner the better (as its already on line…). I’m hosting Voyage North for Cathy Alex this week. Call Heather McLeod 625-5015

    • Hi Heather,
      I am writing because I’m wondering if you would like to cover our next film, We are Wisconsin, The filmmaker Amie Wilson is coming from LA, and is hosting a workshop. It’s going to be an amazing film!

    • Hi Heather,
      I am writing because I’m wondering if you would like to cover our next film, We are Wisconsin, The filmmaker Amie Wilson is coming from LA, and is hosting a workshop. It’s going to be an amaizing film!

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